10 AMBITIONS by Lars Petter Hagen

1. Do projects that are urgent, where something valuable is at stake. If it’s not necessary, don’t do it.

2. Be relevant. The question of relevance is the question of musical quality. Good music is relevant, and the continuous discussion of the idea of quality in music is the core of a festivals activity.

3. Don’t be afraid of uncertainty. Question everything.

4. Be laboratory and guardian of memory (Obrist). Experiencing music is to
connect the past to the future through the present.

5. Establish a conversation and develop practises to connect with the world.
Investigate, re-new and engage with your surroundings

6. Be a place for open encounters. Initiate collaboration. Focus on people.
Celebrate humanity.

7. Work together. Be generous. Receive, share and develop knowledge

8. Be humble, but not afraid.

9. Say it simple. Accept change as inevitable. Smile (Fischli/Weiss)

10.Don’t be self-conscious and try not to be an asshole. We are all in it together

Lars Petter Hagen
Composer and Artistic Director of Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival